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During your stay in France, you will probably need to open a bank account in order to receive or deposit your salary or grant, receive family benefits or the reimbursement of medical expenses, etc.

Support from AMU Euraxess Centre

The AMU Euraxess Services Centre has partnerships with banks and can support you in these procedures. Contact us to schedule an appointment

Please note that French banks do not open current accounts for individuals staying in France for less than three months. If you need to receive a salary during a short stay, it will be paid into your bank account in another country.

Bank fees vary depending on the branch and offers. These fees can include:

  • monthly management fees;
  • bank card fees;
  • overdraft charges.
  • Carefully read the fees and terms and conditions before signing anything.

  • Before leaving France, remember to close your bank account in your branch. Before then, make sure that there are no outstanding transactions (invoices, cheques, salary payments, direct debits, etc.)

Necessary documents

  • an identity document (your passport or visa)
  • proof of address in France
  • a document showing your income (employment contract, grant certificate, etc.).

“Online” banks are considered cheaper as they have lower bank fees than traditional banks. Most common transactions in an online bank are free. Sometimes customers have to pay for their bank card. Bank fees with an “online bank” are an estimated 50% cheaper than with a traditional bank.

Opening an online account requires a residence permit. Holders of a visa with the reference “Dispense temporaire de titre de séjour” (temporary waiver of residence permit) will not be able to open this type of account.

Some examples of online banks: Revolut, N26, Lydia, BoursoBank, Hello bank, Fortuneo …

Before signing anything, find out what insurance online banks offer for your bank card (theft, fradulent use, etc.). This insurance is often not included in the standard offer.

Useful websites

  • Monito (foreign currency exchange fees comparison website)
  • Panorabanks (information on prepaid bank cards, fees and functionalities)